Paul Dolan

"If you only see one solution, you really don't understand the problem"



Who am I? Living in South County Dublin, Ireland. I am a software developer, among other things. I have lived in Dublin since 2005. My educational background is straight forward, I have a degree in Software Engineering.

In the past I have been involved in the setting up of two companies, I have worked in various organisations big and small across industries such as retail, construction and financial. I have been self employed working in sales and working as a web developer.

These days I like to get my teeth into web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS. From a non-technical point of view, I have an interest in business processses and project managent.

Like all developers, my main modus operandi is problem solving. Sometimes problems are small ones and sometimes they are monsters, regardless I always find a solution.

Like most developers I have a list of technologies and languages that I would like to either, get to know better or begin learning. As I mentioned my current skill set includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Scripting Languages: PHP and JavaScript
  • Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and jQuery
  • CMS (Content Management Systems): WordPress, LifeRay

Outside of the technology side of things I do have many other interests. Top of that list is being a rugby referee with the Leinster Branch, it keeps me fit and it keeps me involved in a game I love.